Fifi Rong | Exclusive Interview with Poping Cherry
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Exclusive Interview with Poping Cherry

I don’t believe I went too far. I have made mistakes, but I learned. I made these pretty roses to come alive. Behind crystalline walls I see truth. I bleed. I cry. I smile. My desires are my life. I am not afraid. I am strong. The Holy Spirit is by my side. I am listening to your voice and I know what truth is! FiFi Rong is back. She is talking to me and I feel calm! Her voice brings me peace! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

A forbidden desire is always a pleasure. Have you ever felt guilty for something you wanted?

Not really. It’s a good feeling to want something. This song ‘forbidden desire’ is talking about the distance between reality and fantasy.

Which was the first time you felt the Holy Spirit inside you?

I experience more inner silence these days, I don’t remember the first time, it’s always been there as I can remember, but I’m more aware and practice it more now.

Someone tries to hurt you…. Will you hurt him/her back? Do you believe in revenge?

No.. If someone is trying to hurt another person, that only means he or she has issues they need to sort out within themselves. But if some hurts me accidentally, the instincts is to defend and blame and get angry, however,  the more quickly I work myself to a place of forgiveness, the more I’m doing myself a favour.

Describe the Forbidden Desire EP…

This EP is the most realized work that portraits my current sound in terms of writing and production. It’s also a teaser of what’s coming next.. the bigger picture. It’s a snap shot of my latest development through an organic process of self-discovery towards becoming fully formed and more. I hope this EP will prepare my audience for my new chapter, and take them through a transition into my next album, which will be telling what I have grown into over the last few years.

Which is the most memorable moment in the making of the EP?

It’s a common thing for artist to battle with themselves and get lost in the process, there is not so much of a specific moment but more of a thread of inner journey when if comes to the making of this EP. Something happened during creating ‘holy’ that affected my confidence in making decisions, in despair I quickly and rebelliously made ‘you hurt me’, and later some time I produced ‘Forbidden Desire’ which restored my confidence and love for taking risks, musically speaking.

Place yourself to the listeners…. Listen the EP as someone beyond the creator… What do you listen now?

If I’m not listening critically for specific reasons, I usually feel zoned out listening to my own stuff in general. Similarly this EP requires listening in one’s private space in order to enter another world.

I love the new music! What’s coming next?

Thanks a lot:) this EP is leading into a full length album, so it introduces what’s coming  next and do expect bigger surprises and a far more powerful experience. I will be giving my all to make this album as good as possible. Also after my ep launch show in London on 28th April at O2 academy2 I’ve confirmed some shows in Berlin and Shanghai in the coming months.

Exclusive Interview FiFi Rong: The more quickly I work myself to a place of forgiveness, the more I’m doing myself a favour.

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