Fifi Rong | FIFI RONG Interview: ‘Sin City’ Music Video by Electricity Club
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FIFI RONG Interview: ‘Sin City’ Music Video by Electricity Club

Having released two EPs ‘Awake’ and ‘The Crown’ plus a progressive singular experiment ‘Red Moon Voyage’, FIFI RONG is in a buoyant artistic mood and relishing a spirit of newly found independence.

Playful yet melancholic, accessible yet intriguing, the Beijing–born starlet goes back to ‘Awake’ for her latest visual presentation. With gentle percussion on the threes conjuring a divine sound shimmering alongside her wonderful voice, ‘Sin City’ is classic FIFI RONG.

Strangely bleak and dark, with the neon backdrop of Hong Kong as a setting, the extraordinary sexy ‘n’ sinister self-directed video sees our heroine in a most deviant mood, acting out a story that is half true, half fictional….try and work out which is what!

FIFI RONG took time out to chat to The Electricity Club about ‘Sin City’ and where her future musical adventures may take her…

How was ‘Sin City’ inspired as a song?

Partially inspired by a real story, and partially inspired by serial killer documentaries and 90s Hong Kong cinema about some glamorised sicko murderers. I went through many obstacles and a lot of videographers that intended to collaborate with me on this video, but didn’t happen for one reason or another. It’s probably my favourite close-to-the-heart project and I just had to do it.

So I thought f*ck it, I’m gonna do it myself without knowing anything about film making. So I invested months and months over a year putting it together. It was the longest and hardest project to complete as I knew exactly how I want it to feel and look. In the end, I got it how I envisioned: ambiguous, humid, lusty and dark…


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