Fifi Rong | Fifi Rong Interview with BBM Magazine
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Fifi Rong Interview with BBM Magazine

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fifi rong

Fifi Rong Interview

Beijing-born, London-based singer, songwriter and producer, Fifi Rong, is back with her brand new EP, ‘Violently Silently’. The contradictory title describes her own genre-bending sound perfectly, which can be beautiful and light one moment, then dark and sultry the next. Creating such intrigue, we grabbed five minutes with Fifi to find out more about what inspires such work.

What can we expect from your new EP, ‘Violently Silently’?
It compares to my previous music as being more deliberate in terms of expressing the “hybrid” nature of my music. Take the journey from track 1 to 5, and you will realise what I mean by ‘Violently Silently’ and what “hybrid electronica” stands for… I used the same set of sound elements, sampled, crafted and re-sampled, to produce a set of songs that people would conventionally consider to be crossing several genres. Track 1 ‘Intro’ is a premix of track 2 ‘Once’ with a sample preview of track 3 ‘Slow Poison’ and track 4 ‘Since When’, and track 5 is a remix of track 4 highlighting the theme ‘Violently Silently’.

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