Fifi Rong | Fifi Rong Launching New Campaign for Upcoming EP ‘Awake’!
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Fifi Rong Launching New Campaign for Upcoming EP ‘Awake’!

Hello everyone!!

I’m so happy to be sharing with you the new exciting journey I’m embarking upon! I am creating my new EP ‘Awake’, which is my most ambitious and passionate project yet, and I will reveal all the surprises in due course!^^

I can’t describe how much I appreciate your loyalty, faith and continuous support that resulted in the successful conclusions of my previous campaigns, so I want to take this opportunity to reciprocate the love and get you involved in this process with the intention of serving you in some way, and to add value to your lives!!

On the back of our 5 previous successful campaigns, I have such a great feeling for our big No. 6 campaign leading up to the festive seasons this Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year! ‘6’ means good luck in Chinese culture, and I wish to bring you the best of luck and lots of love for the Year 2018 through this campaign, and colour your souls with my renewed passion and creativity through the process of making ‘Awake’!;)

So I hope you can join me again and get to know the fifi behind the artist even better! 

Fifi xx

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