Fifi Rong | Fifi Rong ‘Sin City’ Interview with Cult Report
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Fifi Rong ‘Sin City’ Interview with Cult Report

What inspired you to create the song Sin City?
It was about a real story that happened in HongKong, I just added a bit of a twist on the novelty combining a murderer theme to it.

What is the meaning behind the song?
It’s about twisted romance, lust and love. The place between violence and tenderness. Reversed power play, control, dark and complicated sexual psychology. The rest is for people to imagine and understand how they want to.

Are there any other music video’s fans can expect to be released soon after this one?
Yes, there is still ‘Upstream’ from The Crown EP, the one after Awake EP. Again, I made 4 videos for The Crown EP too, released in Sept 2018, and Upstream was the most challenging one to make so it’s still in the process of editing. Also I have an collaboration with Black Beauty Records (Berlin Based) called ‘Nahi’ video and song coming out in April.

The song Sin City is from the Awake EP, what made you decide to make the music video now for the song released in February 2018, was there any specific reason for this based on fans,responses etc?
This is a lot of people’s favourite song and most anticipated project yet. It’s not about fans or responses. I have made 4 videos for the 4 songs on the EP. This is the last 1 out of the 4 and the rest are all released. I’m operating as an independent artist with limited resources. Feb 2019 is the quickest I can make it happen by myself. I started planning to make Sin city video since late 2017 and was making it all the way through 2018 and got it edited in 2019.

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