Fifi Rong | Forbidden Desire Review on New Sick Music
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Forbidden Desire Review on New Sick Music

With all the sultriness of Lana Del Rey and an etherealness all her own, Fifi Rong is playing between the lines of genre to create a sound that beckons you into her own sonic world. The smoothness of her vocals plays off the more jagged and danceable beats, bringing the term “hypermodern” to mind.

The video embraces the dichotomies of the track. Fifi Rong is shown dressed in white flowing material as she is backlit by the chaotic energy of a city, an image that shifts to a passionate dance sequence with a fan, and shimmers between images of neon blue and red lights breaking down the movement into parts almost indiscernible. The video is the perfect pairing for a song so steeped in creativity.

Based in London, Fifi Rong writes and produces her music in isolation, allowing her own visions and emotions to inform the music without external influences. “Forbidden Desire” is the title track for her upcoming EP, which was released on April 29th. You can check that out right here.

To hear more from Fifi Rong during this exciting time, check out her Facebook page, SoundCloud, and website.

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