Fifi Rong | Forbidden Desire reviewed by Wave Girl
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Forbidden Desire reviewed by Wave Girl

FIFI RONG returns with her own particular brand of beguiling tunes on her new EP release…

If there’s one artist that appears to have a strong work ethic in the current music scene, it’s Fifi Rong. It appears the talented artist and producer barely has one EP out the door before another one is just behind it.

It’s precisely this commitment to crafting her music that’s led to high profile coverage from the likes of Radio 1, Clash andFader. Fifi’s own particular intimate take on electronica continues to exude a charm and attraction that never appears to overstay its welcome.

So then to Forbidden Desire, Fifi’s latest offering which offers up a selection of mesmerising tunes. Or as Fifi herself puts it: “It’s a very individual and intimate language that I speak, with unfiltered and naked feelings of my own, for those who want to join me and listen to something real.”

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