Fifi Rong | FWD360 #RSTARS – Fifi Rong Interview
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FWD360 #RSTARS – Fifi Rong Interview

Greetings, people of FWD360. I’m Claude Marc X, songwriter and music producer. I’ll be taking over the most part of the blog right here.
I’ll be bringing you concise features of awesome stuff that myself and the team come across, from the worlds of music, art, film, technology, design and business. In FWD360 fashion, you’ll find no less than creators and their works from around the globe, that we’re really feeling or think are worth talking about.

Let’s get right into this… A few weeks ago, I found myself at RADAR, Music Week’s industry showcase, held at Under The Bridge – a nice venue, I must say (under Chelsea’s football ground). Anyway, I hadn’t in a little while found much music that excited me previously. This is most likely because I have been a solitary recluse, but nonetheless I didn’t know what to expect from the lineup.

There were some greatly talented emerging acts and it was nice to vibe to some new live music – I strongly recommend you try this revered pastime.

One artist who stood out to me, goes by the name of Fifi Rong. It’s hard to pigeonhole this singer/songwriter who is originally from Beijing and based here in London. I caught her midway through working on new material, to ask her a few questions.

Fifi image(1)

Her marinade of UK/worldwide electronica, with an eclectic array of other sounds, creates a futuristic but smooth and captivating collage. With plenty style in her work, her voice and song writing holds it all together. If you get the chance, go and see her live. You heard it from us, Fifi Rong is someone to keep your eye on.

CMX: What inspires your music?

FIFI: Feelings, thoughts, the need for self expression

CMX: What do you feel you represent in your work?

FIFI: I’m a reflection of Transcultural nature of modern society. Hybridized genre of music, influences, and the universality of common human emotions.

CMX: You have a strong stage show. How do you feel when you’re sharing with a crowd of people?

FIFI: I’m not sure how I’m perceived. All I know is I’m really honest with everything I do. Perception is subjective so it really depends on what crowd I’m performing to.

CMX: What’s it like being a Beijing girl in London?

FIFI: What makes you think or assume that I identify myself as a Beijing girl? : )

I’m very much an individual with my unique point of view and experiences. I connect with all cultures to an extent but I belong to nowhere. I’m not limited to a nation, a color or a kind.
Don’t get me wrong as I love both Chinese and British cultures.

fifi image(2)

CMX: Give us an insight into your work process… How do you start creating a song and when do you feel it’s finished?

FIFI: Usually starts with an idea, which turns into a poem, then turns into lyrics and later a song. Then the real hard work begins, as production decides the vibe of the song… from production to post production and mixing stage… It’s a long process when I do It all by myself… To me of course when I finish my reference mix before sending on to mastering is when I call finish.

CMX: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

FIFI: Don’t know, something creative, challenging, unpredictable, exciting.

CMX: What were the biggest challenges in becoming the artist we see today?

FIFI: My biggest challenge is self doubt and internal struggles. Also it’s coming from all the pressure for going against culture conditions of this ‘insane’ choice of following ones dream. I took a lot of courage to decide on it and double check I wasn’t going crazy.. But I know I made the right choice from the joy, passion every time I create.

I think just being talented is not enough. Artists today need to be all rounded in their skill sets. Everyone has got an unique path but I think the beginning of an artist’s journey would be more or less being their own project manager for a period of time.

CMX: With a wonderfully flamboyant dress sense and atmospheric visuals in your live show, how important are these aspects in what you do?

FIFI: These are icing on the cake. It’s a part of my expression but only secondary. It’s for you to enjoy my music better. The cake is music itself – stating the obvious.


CMX: Is there anyone (past or present) you’d love to collaborate with?

FIFI: D’angelo would be a dream. It’s good to have dreams even if it stays a dream.

CMX: Tell us something we don’t know about Fifi Rong…

FIFI: My social personality is almost the opposite to my music, given the fact, both are true; just different aspects of me.

CMX: What does the future hold for you and your work?

FIFI: Rainbows and unicorns!!

I’m writing my next album, which I’m thrilled and super excited about. That’s as far as I can think of or care about. I love creating.

Thanks to Fifi Rong for connecting with us at FWD360

fifi - image

For a free copy of her Next Pursuit remix EP Sign up at

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*All images used are the ownership of Fifi Rong*

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