Fifi Rong | Live Review at Radar (Music Week) London 26 March 2015
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Live Review at Radar (Music Week) London 26 March 2015

Fifi Rong
As the penultimate act, it would be unfair to say that the refined figure of Fifi Rong had an easy time casting a spell over the chattering audience. Armed with only a laptop – the source of this Beijing-born songstress’s surreal sounds and on-screen visualisations – the sight of Rong alone on the stage contrasted heavily with all the other acts that night.

Clad in a lengthy, black, not-quite-see-through dress, her coiled hair decorated with hanging beads, Rong’s patient eyes looked out from beneath elongated eyelashes. She was quite the picture. A vision of empress-like imperialism. Rong’s sound, aesthetic and stock of art-house visuals that flickered behind her took the mood to a solitary, introspective place that hinted of Bat for Lashes, Björk and especially Emilíana Torrini. Backed by ominous, yet melodic electronica, her voice flowed like cool water. Her relative stillness only added to the melancholy, thoughtfulness of her sound. Hard to gauge whether other guests felt it, but I was captivated. Making moody but soulful ‘listen-to-me’ music fit for travel and contemplation, it’s clear why she’s causing such a stir here in London and her native country.


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