Fifi Rong | New Review on Violently Silently EP by MusicMusingsandSuch Blog
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New Review on Violently Silently EP by MusicMusingsandSuch Blog

FEW modern artists arrive on the scene with such a…

unique and unexpected sound.  When you get new artists coming through, there is always a sense of trepidation and slow-build.  Maybe some magic will be created through the music (eventually) or their personality will start to emerge down the line.  There are too many musicians that just fade into the background and never really stand out in the mind.  That lack of inspiration and spark is what is lacking from the music industry.  When I look at new music- and the artists coming through this year- there are few that have truly stuck in the mind.  Maybe the music is good/great but something else is missing- whether it is the personality, artwork or social media pages.  If you want to forge a career and remain in the consciousness you need to separate yourself and come in bold I am not saying you need to fake a personality or style; simply accentuate what you have or be a little more daring.  These steps can be small (but effective) to ensure that interested is peaked early on.  My featured artists in the perfect example of someone coming in strong and distinctive.  Her colourful and stunning artwork is matched with terrifically inventive songs and as aesthetics that is startling and memorable.  Even if you take trouble to work on your music’s artwork- an E.P. or album cover- that makes a big difference.  Too many artists just lazily sling together a self-portrait or boring design.  With that in mind, how many people are going to be compelled to listen to the music?  There seems to be a laziness and severe lack of imagination that is hemorrhaging new music.  Fifi Rong’s E.P. (Violently Silently) spikes the imagination with its bold and effective cover art.  The music within is as wonderful and exceptional; she has gone to great lengths to ensure effort and passion are put into every asset of her music.  I cannot remember the last time an artist came along that made sure every box was ticked; eyes and ears would be seduced thoroughly.  It may seem like a minor point- surely the music itself is the most important thing? – but I worry the digitalization of music is casing many to take their foot off the pedal.  I long for the days artists took care to create a wonderful album cover.  Those bands and acts with a quirkiness and loveable personality that would make the listener come back for more.  Thankfully there are a small number of musicians that are ensuring that curiosity and wonder is left in music.  Not someone to do things by halves; let me introduce you to my featured artist:

Originating from Beijing, Fifi Rong is a unique artist and producer based in London.

Eccentric, deep and honest, Fifi brings pure emotional intimacy into her songs with a mesmerizing voice, nuanced with the flair of her Chinese heritage. Fifi incorporates a wide range of genres such as Electronica, Jazz, Dub, Hip Hop, UKG, Soundscape into her production, resulting in a singularly unexpected musical hybrid that draws its beauty from its one-of-a-kind unearthliness.

Fifi has been collaborating with many exciting artists including Tricky, Phaeleh, Skepta and Yello to name a few, and receiving vast support from a stream of blogs and radios including The 405, Clash, Fader Magazine, Hype Magazine, Pigeon and Planes, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 Extra, BBC Radio 6 Music and so on. She was also nominated as the best Electronic Music Artist and publicly voted into China’s Top 10 of most popular new artists of 2014.

Having already established herself internationally as a stand-out live performer, with headline shows throughout the UK, Europe and China/Hong Kong, she released her much-anticipated new EP ‘Violently Silently’ in December 2015 with a special EP launch show at The Garage in London. Additional shows and releases are in the pipeline over the coming months. Watch this space!

Rong fascinates me because of her looks and make-up.  When you look at her, your eyes and mind are instantly captivated and drawn.  Like a U.K.-based version of Bjork there is that beguiling and beautiful projection that is hard to forget.  One of the best Asian artists working in U.K. music; Rong brings sights and sensations of China/Hong-Kong into something British/U.S.  It is this cross-pollination and range that has gained her such a loyal and huge following.  You get so many young acts that try too hard to be cool or stand-out- without ever really succeeding- and it masks a desperate lack of musical ideas and ability.  What Rong does is conquer every aspect of her career.  Her looks and artwork is just the start of things.  When you dig deep and investigate those wonderful songs; you have an artist that is hugely capable and consistent.  London is showing how fertile and inventive its artists are; so many great acts are playing here at the moment.  Whatever the reason behind this rise and transformation- there was a slip lack of quality a year or two back in London- it is pleasing to see the capital re-surging and showing how it should be done.  If you hack away at the jungle of beige Alternative bands and generic Pop stars; you have a growing band of musicians that are putting colour, emotion and electricity back into music.  Rong is an artist I have known for a while- having followed her career for a few months- and know what a huge weight of support she has.  On social media she freely engages with her followers; happy to chat and connect, here is a young woman that has a mutual respect for her fans.  A lot of musicians negate the importance of regular contact with followers- choosing to post updates only when a new song is out- and this means interest will wane and dissipate.  The attention spans and concentration levels are pretty low when it comes to the general public; if you do not remain engaging and persistent then you fear losing your flock.  At the end of things it is the music that will win the day and keep people hooked; so long as it is original and unexpected.  Rong is a musician that mixes Electronica bases into a blend of Jazz, Hip-Hop and Dub.  Her variegated and unforgettable sounds evoke such emotions and drama; there is tenderness and romance to be found too.  Few contemporaries are as ambitious and spectacular when it comes to their sounds and projection.  There are a lot of Electronica artists working around London; few are as assured and confident as our heroine.  This ambition and spellbinding songwriting is reflected in Violently Silently.  You are hooked and intrigued by the title alone- that horror-show rhyme provokes a wealth of rather vivid images- and the amazing cover artwork.  When you dig into the five-track E.P. you become aware of a young artist that is blazing ahead of her peers.  Every moment and song shows so many layers and nuance.


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