Fifi Rong | Notion Magazine Premiere: Forbidden Desire Video (with interview)
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Notion Magazine Premiere: Forbidden Desire Video (with interview)

Fifi Rong is bringing sensuality to London’s dark electronic underworld


The world of electronic music can seem pretty saturated at the minute. Almost everyday some fresh faced bedroom producer emerges from the depths of SoundCloud to claim their number one spot on Hypemachine. Yet you’ve never heard anything like Fifi Rong. The London-based singer and producer crafts instrumentals that fuse everything from early grime to contemporary pop, layering her haunting vocals over the top, all tied together by her striking, geisha-influenced aesthetic. She’s drawn comparison’s to Lana Del Rey yet where Lana is all melancholy sunshine, Fifi is more cold, grey lust; a more sinister current running through her work.

‘Forbidden Desire’ is the title track from her upcoming EP and also comes ahead of her collaboration with Skepta on his new album Konichiwa, set to drop in just a couple of weeks. The video, premiering today, is a perfect statement of what Fifi is all about; dark and brooding yet still strangely seductive, the capital’s lights twinkling in the backdrop as Fifi swirls with fans and long, flowing robes.

We had a chat with Fifi about her influences, her work with Skepta and her plans to take over the game.

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