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THE WORLD COMES ALIVE WITH FIFI RONG (People Are Amazing Online Magazine)


received an invitation to visit the Camden Barfly late last year to listen to an artist I can only describe as a mysteriously seductive young international singer. Fifi Rong is described as sometimes dark and sultry and light and beautiful with the very next breath, and it is this distinctive and artistic vision that draws you in and seduces your senses, leaving you wooed and contented by her scintillating vocals.

With her roots in Beijing, Fifi has established herself in the heart of the London music world, choosing the razzmatazz and vibrant culture of the city’s streets to fuel her imagination and spurn her creativity. Indeed, her music style is a blitz of genre’s fused into a continually evolving dichotomy of sound. She is unique, yet intricately entangled with a world of music as rich and diverse as a multi coloured chocolate cake, lush and thoroughly tempting, but leaving you feeling devilishly naughty for craving such an overload of calories.

Fifi Rong on People Are AmazingI found her voice mesmerising, nuanced by her oriental heritage, while visually she presents herself with a striking sense of finesse and detail. It is in so many ways an overload on the senses, yet I can’t help but admit that I was compelled and captivated throughout her performance. Her performance is canny and cleverly choreographed to hold your attention, while her music is sophisticated and thoroughly entertaining.

Fifi is popular with her fans, and has attracted a lot of attention and support from local media and radio alike. She has enjoyed prominent features in popular music magazines and airtime across the likes of the BBC and Amazing Radio. She was nominated as the best Chinese Electronic Music Artist in 2014, and has toured Germany, the UK, China and Hong Kong. She is well respected in music circles and has worked with producers like Phaeleh, Pixelord and Boris Blank to name a few. Fifi’s collaborated with Tricky and released two albums through 2013/14.

Her latest music video of Next Pursuit, the single from her 2014 EP with the same name was produced with New Jersey producer Sadsic and filmed by Paris Seawell. You only have to watch the video to understand the power of Fifi Rong’s creativity and imaginative style and garner a sense of her attraction as an artist. Having heard her and seen her perform, I took a moment to chat with the woman behind the vision, and find out more about what makes Fifi Rong tick.

PAA – When did you first become interested in music as an art form?

Fifi Rong – Probably when I was 6.

PAA – You use such a wide variety of musical styles, where do you draw your influences from, and where does this amazing creative expression come from?

Fifi Rong – Thanks a lot. Maybe it’s because I grew up in both China and the UK and when I make music, all the stuff I have listened to fuse to bring the music cultures together in a way that leaves me feeling as if I am playing a part. And I like experimenting new combinations. It makes life fun and exciting.

PAA – You are very much a dynamic visual artist, much like Gaga or Prince. What prompted you to use this style of visually artistic expression?

Fifi Rong – I love the opportunity to explore the diversity of my imagination and the creativity of the world around me, and the visual elements of my presentation are an extension of me as an artist.

PAA – What made you decide to come to London?

Fifi Rong – London is cool place which I wanted to explore.

PAA – There is such an intimacy and a feeling of pure emotion in your music, it is quite mesmerising. The one thing that strikes me is that you always manage to maintain a sense of a traditional Chinese style in your music. Do you find this difficult to achieve?Fifi Rong

Fifi Rong – Not at all.. It is not something that I do intentionally, it is natural for me. It’s my upbringing, and to be honest that’s the least difficult part really.

PAA – I understand that you are going to be touring in China in November. Are you excited to have this chance to showcase your musical success back home?

Fifi Rong – Yes I look forward to perform in China for the first time. This is a huge opportunity for me.

PAA – Where is your favourite place to perform?

Fifi Rong – Depends on the crowd really. Sometimes a crowd makes such a difference to a performance, and as long as the sound is good, I am generally happy.

PAA – After the show, when Fifi is kicking back and relaxing, what would we find Fifi drinking?

Fifi Rong – I drink water, green tea, ginger tea, coffee and cognac. (wow, I hope not all at the same time Fifi.)

PAA – What is the most exciting part of being a musician for you?

Fifi Rong – To materialise the flow of inspiration into actual words and sound. The whole process of creation itself.

PAA – What does 2015 hold for Fifi Rong?

Fifi Rong – I’m making my next album, although I’m not sure how long that will take, but I intend to have a lot more fun creating and experimenting and collaborating. I am going to let my passion drive me to do new exciting stuff.


Sometimes you need to think outside the box to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes there is a risk is being different, and using creativity to bring forth something unique. In Fifi Rong’s case, she’s proved that there are times when the risk is worth it and the reward of a diversely rewarding career in a market that is tough in its reputation and thoughtless of the feelings and emotions of its players stands as testament to her courage and talent. Fifi Rong stands a full head and shoulders above the rest, boldly illuminated for a future that is both bright and bound to be full of excitement and adventure.

If you would like to find out any more about Fifi Rong, or follow her online, please use the links provided below.


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