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Tier 1: Lao Tzu 老子 

£6/m billed annually (£7/m billed monthly) 

+ Blue LAO TZU VIP Membership Card with Branded VIP Lanyard 

+ Entire up-to-date Catalogue of Fifi Rong Music, Videos & new projects 

+ Exclusive VIP content: demos, productions, photos & videos etc. 

+ Yi Jing Live Performance Series: FREE Tickets, News Updates & Exclusive BTS Content 

+ Earliest Access to Virtual Backstage Pass 

 ** BONUS: Signed Autograph with Personalised Hand Written Note + Team Fifinity Fridge Magnet (yearly membership only)

Tier 2: Confucius 孔子 

£15/m billed annually (£17/m billed monthly)

**EVERYTHING in Tier 1** 

+ Black CONFUCIUS VIP Membership Card with Branded VIP Lanyard 

+ Unlimited VIP Backstage Pass to ALL Fifi Rong Live Shows 

+ Yi Jing Live Performance Series: Audio (.wav)/4K Video Download 

+ Exclusive VIP Monthly Zoom 

+ 5%​​​​ Merch Discount 

+ Priority NFT giveaways 

** BONUS: Limited Fifinity T-shirt (yearly membership only)

Tier 3: Empress Wu  武则天

£24/m billed annually (£27/m billed monthly)

**EVERYTHING in Tier 1 & 2 ** 

+ Silver Empress Wu VIP Membership Card  with Branded VIP lanyard 

+ FREE Ticket to All Live shows 

+ Yi Jing Live Performance Series:  Your Name in 'Thank You' Credits 

+ Birthday Song/Shout-out Video 

+ 10%​​​​ Merch Discount 

+ 1x NFT Gift (£30+ in value)  for yearly membership only 

 **BONUS: VIP Merch Bundle for yearly membership only

Tier 4: Jun Zi 君子 

£57/m billed annually (£67/m billed monthly) 

**EVERYTHING in Lower Tiers** 

​+ Gold Jun Zi VIP Membership Card with Branded VIP Lanyard 

+ VIP Hangout (Coffee, Lunch etc) When I'm In Your Town, or You Are In Mine  

+ Your Name on Liner note of future solo, independent Physical Releases: CDs, Vinyls etc. 

+ Personal Postcards written to you when I travel  

+ 1:1 VIP Zoom Call every 6 months. The first VIP 'Thank You' Call with me immediately scheduled upon sign-up  

+ Virtual backstage Pass (VIP Deluxe): a deeper journey  

+ 1x NFT (£200+ in Value) for yearly membership 

+ 15%​ Merch Discount from online store