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Avant pop artist Fifi Rong has just released emotional single ‘Distance’ – a track about dealing with the effects of being apart from love ones due to self-isolation. She manages encapsulate the full mood of the track with her unique vocals, while layering with soft melodies – creating her own brand of escapism. She took a moment to talk to us about the track and her inspirations. 

Who are you top three musical inspirations?
James Blake:
 I think I was in shock (in a OMG way) for months after I listened to his first album. His music has such huge impact on me emotionally that would have to be ready for it every time before I listen to it.
Teresa Tang: She was someone could be compared to Billie Holiday for one commonality – their unique, legendary, and out-of- this-world voices were everything, and they communicated more than life itself.
Cocteau TwinsThe most consistent musical creation through their entire career, they created another world that is ageless, will always has the top place in my and other fans’ worlds.

Is there a certain film that inspires you?
Wong Kar-Wai’s films not only inspire music and visual makers in both the East and the West, they sort of have created an atmosphere that culturally impacted a generation of art lovers, defining a specific style of nostalgia and melancholic romanticism.

What city do you find the most inspiring?
HongKong, Shenzhen, Beijing, London, Miami, Bristol, New York.
HongKong: ‘neon lights suffocated… in the sin city… ‘ [A song of mine written about HK
called ‘SIn City’]
ShenZhen: The memories of my youth, adolescence, and all my crazy, bizarre daring adventures
Beijing: where all the good part of my Chinese-ness came from, culturally, historically and musically.
London: I started and still make music here… so
Miami: Must be something in the air…
Bristol: I discovered Cocteau twins and listened a lot of Brit Rock and Trip Hop when I first came to go to school in the UK.
New York:
So much to explore..

Who is the most inspiring person to you?
My father, a true entrepreneur, and a real Jun Zi – 君子 [A real gentleman, or a person of the highest moral standard in Confucius tradition]
Of all the people I know and heroes I have read about on books and documentaries throughout history, I rate him as someone amongst the strongest, resilient and most altruistic that have walked the earth.
I still can’t believe how fortunate I am everyday to have this great man as my father.

What were your inspirations when writing the track?
Usually emotions. Since I was little, it was an necessity to write down the emotions that came through me. These emotions translate themselves as words automatically as they occurred, since ever I could remember. I wasn’t always good at making words that connect to other people’s emotions, but that’s a skill that got refined over the years. This is why you see all my songs are like me talking to myself, because they were.

How would you like to inspire people?
Through my relentless attempts to overcome my fear and my weaknesses, my determination to seek truths and freedom within myself, and deliver my  truths through my art. As I constantly change, grow and evolve not just as an artist but as a human being, I would like to share my light and my darkness, my struggles and my triumphs, fighting to always be or come back to who I am.

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