About Fifi

“FiFi experiments with dub, garage, soundscapes, jazz, soul and post dubstep to create an ethereal, dream-like mixture of textures, genres and sounds. The result is beautifully layered music, with each track incorporating different musical elements”. – Ditto Music

“Her ability to plainly communicate who she is and where she’s at is a coveted goal most artists, rich or poor, spend their entire careers trying to reach. She strips back and reveals Fifi Rong; all her strengths, all her weaknesses… and she isn’t afraid to say how she feels about that either.” – Mishka Bloglin

“Her strengths lie in both her singing and producing and the future looks bright for this independent star in the making. Wrong is a true, underground, electronica album for underground electronica fans. Enjoy!” – Mark Ryan, Amazing Radio

Originating from Beijing, Fifi Rong is a unique singer, songwriter and producer currently living in London.

Sometimes dark and sultry, sometimes light and beautiful, Fifi’s distinctive sonic vision, creative palette and constant experimentation sets her apart from her peers. With a dreamy, ethereal vibe, laden with sentiment and open vulnerability listeners are transported away into her universe.

Eccentric, deep and honest, Fifi brings pure emotional intimacy into her songs with a mesmerizing voice, nuanced with flair of her Chinese heritage. Fifi incorporates a wide range of genres such as Alternative Rock, Electronica, Jazz, Dub, Hip Hop, UKG, Soundscape into her production, resulting in a singularly unexpected musical hybrid that draws its beauty from its one of a kind unearthliness.

Having appeared on Tricky’s album ‘False Idols’, featuring ‘If Only I Knew’ and ‘Chinese Interlude’, Fifi subsequently released her debut single ‘Over You’ and album ‘Wrong’ in 2013, following the release of her brand new EP ‘Next Pursuit’ in the spring of 2014. Since the turn of 2014, Fifi has been collaborating with many other exciting artists/producers from various art and music scenes including producers Phaeleh, Pixelord, Skepta, Boris Blank (Yello), and film maker Paris Seawell.

In recent years, Fifi has established herself as a compelling and captivating live act over many UK and international shows in various venues and festivals. Immediately after the success of her secret gig and official EP launch concert in support of her new EP in spring 2014, Fifi embarked on her first tour of Germany, as well as headlining a variety of shows throughout the UK and Europe, and she has recently completed her first  tour of China and Hong Kong in November-December 2014.

Fifi has been receiving vast support from a stream of blogs and radios including The 405, Fader Magazine, The Hype Magazine, Pigeon and Planes, BBC 1, BBC 1 Extra, BBC6, and the largest Chinese music/video online portals such as Youku.com and Xiami.com to name a few.  She is also nominated as the best Electronic Music Artist and publicly voted as the 7th most popular new artist of 2014 in China.



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