New Music Video "Alchemist"


Forged in the crucible of my journey from China to the UK alone at age 16, my life has thrived on a duality that merges Eastern roots with Western experience. Until now, my art has been a sonic and visual alchemy. It explores cultural reconciliation, the depths of human conditions, and the subtle interplays of our shared heritage. 

Standing at the threshold of my next artistic pursuit, I find myself amidst a seismic shift—my second paradigm shift, to be precise. 

It’s a transformative leap towards intellectual and spiritual exploration as a part of our consciousness revolution; I’m called to return ‘home’ from narrow confines of worldly acclaim to a multi-dimensional pursuit of integration. It’s an innate healing mission and a deepening pursuit of artistic purity. 

This is my open invitation for you: set aside inward and outward judgements, releasing yourself from inherited paradigms and superficiality. Venture with me on this less-traveled, soul-liberating quest where the purity of art serves as both a mirror and a window. The pursuit of true art is not a luxury but a necessity, for beauty is intrinsic to our very existence. 

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