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Tier 1: Lao Tzu 老子 

  • Comprehensive Access to the Complete Catalogue of Fifi Rong's Music, Videos, and New Collaborative Projects
  • Exclusive VIP Content: Demos, Productions, Photos, Videos, and More
  • Yi Jing Live Performance Series: Exclusive Access to Private Viewings, Latest News, and Behind-The-Scenes Content

Tier 2: Confucius 孔子 

Inclusions of Tier 1, Plus:

  • Unlimited VIP Backstage Access at Live Shows
  • A 5% Sophisticate's Discount on the Luxe Collection and Rarities Boutique
  • Priority Access to Exclusive Digital Collectibles

Tier 3: Empress Wu 武则天

Inclusions of Tier 1 & 2, Plus:

  • Priority Access to VIP Guestlist & Backstage Experiences at Live Shows 
  • Inclusion in 'Thank You' Credits of the Yi Jing Live Performance Series 
  • Enjoy a 10% Sophisticate's Discount on the Luxe Collection and Rarities Boutique
  • Exclusive Digital Collectible: A Limited Edition Gift
  • Receive Personalised Postcards from My Global Artistic Sojourns 

Tier 4: Jun Zi 君子

Inclusions of Lower Tiers, Plus:

  • Priority Access to VIP In-Person Meetings When We Share the Same City
  • Exclusive Acknowledgment with Your Name in the Liner Notes of My Upcoming Solo, Independent Physical Releases (CDs, Vinyls, etc.)
  • Biannual Personalised 1:1 VIP Zoom Calls, with an Initial 'Thank You' Call Available Upon Sign-Up at Your Discretion

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