Live & Performance Art

The Yi Jing 意境 Live Performance Series is an art-house project that amalgamates the realms of online concerts, short films, and video art into a singular, immersive reality.

Yi Jing live

Season 1

The Cinematic Live Performance Series, poised as an exclusive collection of digital art, will soon grace the Gallery

These meticulously crafted performances, transcending traditional boundaries, are set to become prized digital collectibles. 

Await their unveiling and prepare to immerse yourself in a realm of artistic finesse and innovation.


Episode 1 'Only Man' is a 22 minutes long immersive live music experience supporting the release of the Fifi Rong single 'Only Man'. 

Episode 2 ‘Boxed In' is a 24-minute-long, intimate art-house live show performed by Fifi Rong. With Yi Jing team’ sublime set/lighting and sonic design, the show uses symbolism to tell a story of the paradox between freedom and constraints.