About Yi Jing 意境

Reflecting on those moments of transcendent escape, I recall the adrenaline that transported me to realms of boundless creativity. The familiar scent of patchouli incense mingled with the aged atmosphere of live music venues, setting the stage for a rush of emotions – a delicate balance between vulnerability and exhilaration.

Surrender was the only path to truly connect, to reach into the depths of our souls and journey together. In those moments, a profound connection was forged on stage – an unspoken understanding, a mutual recognition – like an energy echo chamber, amplifying our shared experience.

Together, in that sacred space, we felt everything... the live music experience is an ethereal intoxication, defying simple description. It transports us to a realm known as ‘Yi Jing 意境’, a place beyond the tangible, resonating deep within our souls.

In a quest to recapture and share this ephemeral mirage, I am collaborating with a team of exceptional creators and artists. Our mission is to breathe life into the Yi Jing 意境 Live Music Series – a fusion of online concerts, short film, and video art, merging to form a singular, immersive reality.

To continue innovating and crafting high-quality art-house live music performance videos, a steady flow of resources and a robust budget is essential. It is with this in mind that we craft each episode and season of Yi Jing 意境, ensuring the continuity and quality of our artistic vision.

Yi Jing 意境 aims to cultivate a community of aesthetes, cultured and independent thinkers who possess a discerning taste in music and art. If this resonates with you, then we eagerly await your presence in our inner circle, where art and soul converge.

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Embark on an artistic journey with us and play a pivotal role in taking Yi Jing to new heights. Your generous support as a patron not only fuels the creative process but also helps in shaping the future of this unique artistic endeavor. Together, let's redefine the boundaries of live music and video art.

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