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About Yi Jing 意境

‘I’ve been having flashbacks of those transcending moments induced by the releases of adrenaline that put me in the zone of infinity. The scent of patchouli incense, the smell of aged live music venues, topped by the daunting rush that can’t make up its own mind between vulnerability and excitement. 

There was no other way than surrender fully, so I could reach them deeply and take them away with me. Once connected – I knew, they knew, I knew that they knew and they knew that I knew – like an energy echo chamber created by THE STAGE. 

Right there, together, we felt everything…'  


The live music experience is intoxicating yet so hard to describe, because it takes you into an atmosphere called ‘Yi Jing 意境', that is not something that can be captured by any tangible means but only felt through the resonance of the soul. 

In collaboration with a team of amazing creators and artists, I want to bring back some of that sweet mirage through Yi Jing 意境 Live Music Series - bringing the worlds of online concerts, short film, and video art all into one reality. 

In order to keep innovating and producing high quality art-house live music performance videos you can watch, keep and share from episode to episode and season to season, securing a consistent stream of resources and a sounding budget is crucial to Yi Jing 意境。 

This is why we are offering this exciting membership opportunity for deeper involvement and exclusive content, in other words, the complete Yi Jing experience.  By being a Yi Jing 意境 member of Zen, Lao Tzu, Confucius or Empress Wu Tier, you can officially enter our creative process, and witness everything that’s going on behind the scenes, and sooooo much more… 

Through Yi Jing意境,we would love to build a community of aesthetes, cultured and independent thinkers who know their music and artistic preferences. If that sounds like you… well, we’ll see you on the inside. 

A word of warning though, you might also end up picking up some fringe elements of Chinese culture along the way:)


Fifi Rong