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‘I’ve been having flashbacks of those transcending moments induced by the releases of adrenaline that put me in the zone of infinity. The scent of patchouli incense, the smell of aged live music venues, topped by the daunting rush that can’t make up its own mind between vulnerability and excitement. 

There was no other way than surrender fully, so I could reach them deeply and take them away with me. Once connected – I knew, they knew, I knew that they knew and they knew that I knew – like an energy echo chamber created by THE STAGE. 

Right there, together, we felt everything…'   


The live music experience is intoxicating yet so hard to describe, because it takes you into an atmosphere called ‘Yi Jing 意境', that is not something that can be captured by any tangible means but only felt through the resonance of the soul. 

Yi Jing 意境 Live Music Series is a brand new art-house live performance project, where I, Fifi Rong, and a team of artists aim to bring the worlds of online concerts, short film, and video art all into one reality. 

Propelling for constant experimentation and evolution from one episode to the next, Yi Jing 意境 calls forth aesthetes and avid music lovers to try out an episode, or go for the complete Yi Jing experience by joining the membership

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